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Services Item Code Director’s Fees
4 Year Guaranteed Custom Orthotics – Total Fees Payable
Initial Consultation 004 $ 100.00
Biomechanical Assessment with Video Treadmill Gait Analysis 118 $ 95.00
Negative Plaster Cast for Custom Made Orthotics – Pair 301 x 2 $ 95.00
Standard Consultation – Orthotic Fitting & Advice 012 $ 90.00
Custom Made Orthotics – Pair 221 x 2 $ 400.00
TOTAL $ 780.00**

Once you are fitted with custom made orthotics, there are NO orthotic related consultation fees for the next 12 months.
The orthotic topcovers are guaranteed to last 12 months, or replaced free of charge.*
The polypropylene orthotic shells are guaranteed to last for 4 years, or replaced free of charge.*

*Altered or damaged (apart from everyday wear & tear) orthotic components not included
** Total fees are payable at the time of plaster casting.

All fees payable at time of consultation. All patients are responsible for fees, plus any costs associated in recouping fees.